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Rollei eGimbal G5



For smooth videos with the GoPro Hero* 3, 3+ and 4

Camera connection via USB – for the perfect Live View on the monitor

Equipped with 2 axles with a brushless Motor and a gyroscope, which balances movement out quick and precisely

Incl. powerful lithium polymer battery – can easily be recharged via the handle, for up to two hours standby


Equipped with two axles and a gyroscope powered by a brushless motor, this GoPro stabilizer is the very thing for improving the quality of the images you capture, no matter how much movement your camera happens to be going through. Ideal for people who capture their images on the go, including runners, skateboarders and rock climbers for example, the Rollei eGimbal G5 is able to balance out even the jerkiest of movements both quickly and precisely.


Due to its powerful lithium polymer battery, the GoPro stabilizer is able to provide many hours of shake-free videos and stills. Indeed, the nimble device can be recharged in under 30 minutes via its handle very easily and will provide up to to two hours of power in standby mode. Therefore, it is ready to go just when you are to help make sure that you get a steady and horizontal camera position at all times.


Details of the GoPro Stabilizer eGimbal G5


The eGimbal's brushless motor operation means that it works with very little noise, helping to improve the quality of audio your camera is able to get, not just the video. It has a 360 degree rotatable handle, so you are able to switch back and forth rapidly between whatever action you happen to be shooting. It also has a 180 vertical tilt that can be varied and controlled in infinite ways, so you can use it when shooting upwards, without any problems, too. However, it is the product's hand wobble compensation, which reacts at up to 20,000 times per second, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Try it when you are next shooting a moving target, from wildlife to sporting activities, and you will probably never want to capture another image without it. Supplied with a 3.5 inch LCD monitor it has a robust metal-alloy camera cage yet weighs just 405 grams.



Width13.5 cm

Height24.2 cm

Depth13.7 cm

Weight405 g

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Εισάγετε τους χαρακτήρες που βλέπετε στην παραπάνω εικόνα .

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