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iFootage - Wild Cat Stabilizer


  • The Wild Cat Stabilizer is a Mini Stabilizer which is made for Photography Hobbyist and Professional. It’s with new structure, choice materials and easy to take, make sure of better stability and longer time for hand held. It is the real carry-on stabilizer.
  • The counterweights can be used as 3-legs. The upper structure is used for the Manfrotto head. The middle handle can be moved in any direction.
  • Anti-skid on the counterweight for a secure footing
  • The main part is made of water-proof, light-, heat- and corrosionresistant carbon. The CNC processing with high quality anodized black finish increases the durability and improves the rigidity of the surface abrasion resistance.
  • Incl. bag


Weight 1058 g

Overview of functions

  • Max. load: 2 kg

Material: Carbon


Weight (excl. ball head) 1058 g
Min height 360 mm
Max height 250 mm
Tripod load 2 kg
Segments Stativbeindurchmesser: 18,14mm

Εισάγετε τους χαρακτήρες που βλέπετε στην παραπάνω εικόνα .

Εισάγετε τους χαρακτήρες που βλέπετε στην παραπάνω εικόνα .

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