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Nissin Di 600 for Canon [NI-HDI600C]



Σε Απόθεμα

Product Description

Nissin Japan Ltd. With the launch of the new high-performance flash “Nissin Di600“. This new Flash is the substitute model of the Di622 Mark II, keeping all of the functions and features, but with a more competitive price.

Nissin Di600 (Available in Canon, Nikon Mount)

• Guide No.44 (ISO 100) at 105mm TTL metering: E-TTL, E-TTL II for Canon
• Wireless salve system for SD/SF and wireless TTL Slave
• X-Contact and external synchro contact
• Active AF assist light
• Bounce/swivel flash head
• Catch light reflector and wide angel (16mm) diffuser built-in
• Energy saving circuit
• Recycle time of 4 seconds (ZR6)
• 4x LR6, ZR6 or Ni-MH batteries
• 200 flashes per set of batteries

Main features

No. Guide 44 (ISO 100 / 105 mm)
Wireless TTL as remote (channel 1, Group A)

Automatic zoom 24 ~ 105 mm

Connection external sync PC and Jack 3, 5mm
Function remote SD (pre-flashing) and SF (1 single Flash)
TTL functions / Manual / SD, SF slave / slave TTL
3 TTL compensation EV (+/-1.5 EV)
Swivel Head V + 90 ° and 270 ° H
Panel Reflector and diffuser removable filter

High power

The Di600 can illuminate a subject 11 metres of distance to F4 and camera 3 m flash considered (Ref. ISO 100). The automatic zoom concentrates the light to focus from long distance. The power of flash is essential when using a diffuser or when flash is bouncing.

Remote Flash and Wireless TTL

The new Di600 can function as remote Flash with Wireless TTL remote system, synchronizing with the Master in Group 1 and channel A flash. Also it can be used as flash remote Digital (SD), synchronizing with pre-Flash and flash analog remote (SF) synchronizing even single Flash. You can put several remote flashes to illuminate a subject from multiple directions.

Compensation TTL

The Di600 can compensate for flash exposure at up to +/-1.5 EV in 0.5 EV step increments. To keep the backlight on the main scene, be compensated for the exhibition of the TTL flash with this function.

Bouncing the Flash light

The rebound of the light is another technical flash photography teacher. The flash head can rotate in various directions 90º in vertical and 270 ° horizontally. Use the built-in reflector to bounce the light. Flash bounced to the ceiling produces a light more uniform and smooth, getting images more soft.
* The ceiling color can affect the light that bounces off the subject.

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