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Walimex 2in1 Reflex Umbrella golden/silver, 109cm

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): 17668


two reflex umbrellas in one

ideal as an effect light in portrait and product photography

golden reflex surface for warm light characteristic

silver reflex surface for hard light characteristic

tip and frame made from metal

reinforced shaft end made from metal

high-quality workmanship


Two reflex umbrellas in one

This umbrella by walimex pro is particularly convenient as it is at the same time a golden and silver reflex umbrella. It comes with two reflex surfaces: a silver and a golden coated one. In order to switch between the two, simply turn the reflex surfaces over.

Ideal as an effect light in portrait and product photography

The 2in1 reflex umbrella is particularly well-suited as an effect light in portrait and product photography. Due to its two reflex surfaces it can be used with its golden reflex surface for a warm light characteristic or with the silver reflex surface for a harder light characteristic, depending on your requirements.

Excellent workmanship

The workmanship of the umbrella is extremely high quality and it impresses with its classy look. Both the tip and the frame are made from metal which ensures higher stability and a longer lifetime. The metal shaft end is reinforced so it can be inserted into the reflector holder on the flash device more easily.


General information


Product ColorSilver, Golden


CoatingGold, silver


Diameter Screen Pole8mm



Height of Packaging59mm

Length of Packaging649mm

Packaging MaterialCarton

Packaging with Euro HoleNo

Weight incl. Packaging257g

Width of Packaging100mm

Included in delivery

1x walimex pro 2in1 Reflex Umbrella golden/silver, 84cm

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Εισάγετε τους χαρακτήρες που βλέπετε στην παραπάνω εικόνα .

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