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YUNEEC Typhoon H Pro,Rucksack,ST16,CGO3+,2 Akkus(YUNTYHBPEU)


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• Εμβέλεια Χειριστηρίου: 1600 m
• Ανάλυση Video: Ultra HD (4K)
• Ανάλυση Φωτογραφίας: 12 MP
• Μπαταρία: 5400 mAh
• Μέγιστος Χρόνος Πτήσης: 25 min
• Μέγιστη ταχύτητα 70km/h

• Features Gimbal
o Stabilisation: 3-axis Camera Stabilisation
o Controlled Angular Accuracy: +/- 0,02

• Features Camera
o Sensor Chip: CMOS
o Sensor Chip (inch): 1/2,3
o Max. video resolution (pixel): 3840 x 2160
o 4k Video Recording (UHD): 30fps
o Effective Photo Resolution (Mio. Pixel): 12,4
• Field of View (°): 115

Features Remote Control
o Integrated Display: Yes
o Frequency: 2,4 / 5,8 GHz
o Number of Channels: 16
o Max. Transmission Range (km): 1,6

• Energy Supply Remote Control
o Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: Lithium Polymer
o Voltage (V): 14,8

• Storage
o Memory Card Slot: microSD
o Max. Memory Card Size (GB): 128

• Features Drone
o Max. Tilting Angle (°): 35
o Max. Ascent Speed (m/s): 5
o Max. Descent Speed (m/s): 3
o Max. Flight Speed (m/s): 10
o Max. Altitude (m): 120
o Max. Flight TIme (min): 22
o GPS Receiver: Yes
o Follow Me Function: Yes
o Return-to-Home Function: Yes

• Energy Supply Drone
o Capacity (mAh): 5400
o Voltage (V): 14,8

• Type
o Type: Drone incl. Camera
o RC Performance: RTF (Ready to Fly)

• General
o Colour: Black
o Width (cm): 71,1
o Height (cm): 29,4
o Depth (cm): 71,1

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