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Mantona Scout MAX Set makro photography

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): 20382


mantona scout max set makro photography
Ideal for macro photography with DSLR and system cameras
With sturdy Scout MAX tripod with leg angle adjustment and rotatable centre column for ground level shots
With flexible tripod boom arm for receptacles with camera locations outside the tripod axis, infinitely tiltable from -5 to +180°, slewable from 0 to 90°
Including ball head, quick release coupling plate
The ideal duo for macro photography: The set consists of the Scout MAX tripod with a maximum height of 157cm as well as the 31cm long tripod boom arm from mantona. Due to the uncomplicated leg angle adjustment, the tripod can be quickly converted for macro shooting. The scope of delivery already contains a ball head as well as a quick release coupling system. This all comes with a matching, up to 180° tiltable and by 90° slewable tripod boom arm, which gives you extra flexibility in finding the optimal camera position.
Tripod extension arm
The Tripod Extension Arm by mantona is ideal for shots with the camera position outside the tripod axis, e.g., from above. It is also perfectly suited for macro and still life photography. The arm can be panned by 0 to 90 degrees on the joint and tilted by -5 to 180 degrees. That way, it offers a lot of flexibility in finding the right camera position. The tripod plate, on which the camera is mounted, can be rotated by 360 degrees. The joint is very smooth-running, which allows a soft and exact adjustment. At the same time an interlocking mechanism ensures a good footing. That way it can withstand a higher load and an unintentional lowering of the arm is avoided. Because of this, the extension arm is also well-suited for larger and heavier cameras up to approx. 8kg. The built-in bubble level allows a very exact alignment.
The extremely durable tripod extension arm is made from high-quality aluminum, which minimizes wear. On the arm, you can find two 3/8 inch tripod connection threads and one 1/4 inch camera connection screw.
mantona tripod Scout MAX with ball head
The twofold extendible tripod mantona Scout MAX which is made from anodized aluminum is a versatile solution not just for beginners. It is easy to use, has convenient functions and is at the same time sturdy and compact. Like all products by mantona it convinces with a great price/performance ratio.
The tripod legs can be extended steplessly particularly quickly due to the sturdy clips. The fasteners can be adjusted to run more smooth or tight with the included hex key, according to your individual requirements. The uncomplicated leg angle adjustment ensures additional stability. That way the tripod is ready for macro shots within moments. The rubberized tripod feet ensure a secure stand on various surfaces.
For ground-level working the mantona Scout MAX offers a particularly convenient option besides adjusting the leg angles: The center column can be completely removed and be remounted on the tripod with the ball head facing down. The photographer’s creativity is not limited with this high-quality tripod.
The tripod t is delivered including ball head and quick-release system. The camera plate is normed and can be used with all common tripods. The ball head allows quick reacting to changing light conditions. It can be turned in all directions without problems. The quick-release plate is rubberized and therefore stays attached to the camera reliably. An additional safeguard prevents the plate from loosening from the camera. With this set, beginners and advanced users, who value quality, are perfectly equipped.
Included in delivery:
1x mantona tripod extension arm, 1x mantona Scout MAX tripod with ballhead, 157 cm
Water Level / Spirit Level:Yes
Type of Tripod:Tripod
Max. Weight Capacity (kg):6,0
Max. Working Height (cm):157,0
Max. Height without Pull-Out Drawers:120,0
Min. Working Height (cm):60,0
Number of Segments:3
Folded Height (cm):63,0
Weight (kg):1,93

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Εισάγετε τους χαρακτήρες που βλέπετε στην παραπάνω εικόνα .

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