Walimex pro StabyFlow Director System Set [19541]


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  • Well gliding joints for smooth, fluent movements
  • Camera mount with precise scaling, can be shifted to front/rear and left/right
  • Round rods for fastening accessories such as Follow Focus, Matte Box, etc.
  • Lies securely and steadily in your hand
  • Extremely robust and of excellent workmanship
  • Can be matched to various body heights
  • Video Rig can be easily mounted

Technical Data:

  • Max. length of steadycam: approx. 68cm
  • Min. length of steadycam: approx. 123cm
  • Dimensions of camera mount: approx. 17x6.5cm
  • Connecting thread: 1/4 inch
  • Length of holding grip: approx. 12.5cm
  • Counterweight elements: 2x approx. 0.20kg, 2x approx. 0.40kg
  • Max. loadability: approx. 6kg
  • Weight (without counterweights): approx. 1.61kg
  • Weight of vest: approx. 2.14kg
  • Weight of spring arm: approx. 2.03kg
  • Length of spring arm elements: approx. 1x approx. 24cm, 2x approx. 12.5cm, 1x approx. 11cm
  • Width of spring arm elements: approx. 7cm
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