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Pulsar Radio Trigger

Pulsar Radio Trigger
Pulsar Radio Trigger
Pulsar Radio Trigger




This multifunctional device can be used to trigger flash units, film and digital cameras and light meters up to 100m.
Because it uses radio transmission, rather than IR, it allows for triggering around corners, through walls and is not affected by high ambient light situations.
Choose from four individual channel and six studio selectors, each providing a unique ID for a different flash device or combine them to trigger all equipment within a given setup or studio.
Pulsar also features a hot-shoe mount, sync in and sync out terminals, a ready indicator, a test button and an external power option.
Because of its low-voltage operation, it is perfect for digital cameras.
Each unit can be used as either a transmitter or receiver and is powered by just two AAA batteries.
Technical Data

Length 9cm
Width 5cm
Height (inc antenna) 8cm
Weight 0.12kg
Range 100m
Battteries 2 x AAA
Sync Voltage 5.5V
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