Profoto Speedlite trigger set with umbrella holder TRC04H

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4 channel,¢6.35mm

for Canon and Nikon


The TRC04H Radio Trigger Set is compatible with all speedlites equipped with a universal hotshoe connection or x-contact (except for Sony/Minolta cameras). The TRC04H enables you to wirelessly trigger your speedlite providing you with freedom of movement in your studio or on location.


The TRC04H is supplied with an adjustable foot, which is equipped with a ¼” female screw thread. This enables you to mount your speedlite on a light stand or tripod. Further, the TRC04H is equipped with a built-in umbrella holder.


With additional receivers, it is possible to expand the TRC04H and trigger multiple speedlites. Please see the optional accessories tab below to purchase these additional receivers.


As an example of how the TRC04H can be used, please see photo 2. Please note, the tripod, speedlite, ball head and umbrella are not included in the delivery.




Transmitter (battery included)


Synchronization Cable 6.35mm - Mini USB

Instruction Manual

Full Colour Packaging



Suitable for:Camera flashes



Number of channels:4

Power supply receiver:Battery

Connection transmitter:Hotshoe

Connection receiver:1/4 inch thread & standard hotshoe connection

Maximum sync-speed:1/250s

For camera brand:Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Samsung, Fujifilm, Kodak, Contax, Panasonic, Leica


Battery transmitter:23A, 12V

Suitable for TTL:No TTL

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