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High Speed Digital Photo Printer for Premium Quality Prints Ideal for Photobooth & Event Photography

Mitsubishi Electric designed and built the CP-K60DW-S photo printer as a compact, full-featured printer offering event photographers and photo booth integrators the best valued model in Mitsubishi's line of high-speed printers. Mitsubishi's CP-K60DW-S is a compact and lightweight dye-sublimation printer that requires minimal installation space while offering maximum flexibility and print output given its size. Capable of printing FOUR different print sizes from a single roll of 6" media, users can easily choose 2x6, 4x6, 6x6, and 6x8 prints from the very same roll of media. Its newly developed image processing method allows for the reproduction of excellent, high resolution prints available in both glossy and or matte finishes. The CP-K60DW-S printer is also designed with an ink "rewind" technology built to maximize ribbon usage when printing 4x6" photos using 6x8" ribbons. The CP-K60DW-S is compatible with most popular versions of Windows and MAC computer operating systems.


  • Multiple Print Sizes: (4"x6", 5"x7", 6"x8" 2"x6", 3.5"x5" and 6"x6")
  • Ink Rewind & Roll back function
  • Glossy and Matte via Printer Driver
  • High speed printing
  • Compacy and Easy to use
  • Energy efficient - consumes only 0.05W of power in standby mode

Newly developed image processing circuits enable smooth, natural images. Sharp, high-quality printed images are produced with little or no color bleeding. Matte-finish prints are also available for a softer, less glossy finish. This provides beautiful, natural colors with a soft finish.

The new rewind function optimizes 3x5 & 4x6 prints by maximizing media usage reducing waste - saves operator cost.

Saves energy in sleep mode, reducing power consumption less than 1 watt. Saving over 90% less power.
Normal Mode on other models use up an average 19W. CP-K60DW-S uses only 0.5W in its Sleep Mode.

Stores up to four 4" x 6" images. Enabling faster print throughput.

6" x 6" print size supports 1:1 aspect ratio for Instagram

Designed for quick and easy front access for consumables. Quick and intuitive, non- compl icated paper and ink ribbon installation

A separator is used to distribute air f low separately to the power supply and thermal head. Efficient air cooling not only improves throughput but also boosts internal air pressure to prevent dirt or dust from entering from the front of the printer.

Easy set-up, integration, and transport, ideal for various applications


Print Resolution & Method:
300 × 300 DPI (256 gradations (8 bits per color, approx. 16.7 million colors)

Dye sublimation thermal transfer full color. Three-color face progressive printing (yellow, magenta, cyan)
and surface lamination

Paper Medias:
CK‐K76R Media Pack 6"in Paper Media" (2 Rolls) for 2x6", 4x6", 6x6" and 6x8".
CK‐K75R Media Pack 5"in Paper Media (2 Rolls) for 3.5x5" and 5x7"

Print performance:
4" x 6" 640 prints max. Prints in 11.4 sec(fine)
5" x 7" 360 prints max. Prints in 19.9 sec(fine)
2" x 6"(x2) 640 prints max. Prints in 11.4 sec(fine)
3.5" x 5" 720 prints max. Prints in 10.5 sec(fine)
6" x 6" 320 prints max. Prints in 18.5 sec(fine)
6" x 8" 320 prints max. Prints in 21.9 sec(fine)

Print Modes: Fine, Ultra Fine, Matte (Fine), Matte (Ultra Fine

- Windows®XP/Vista/7/8 in32-bit
- Windows®Vista/7/8 in 64bit,
- MacOS®10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8

Interface: Hi-Speed USB Ver. 2.0

Memory Size: 32 MB - 4 pictures (4" x 6" size)

Dimensions W" x D" x H": Approx. 10.8" x 17.6" x 6.7"

Weight: Approx 26.5 lbs (12kg)

Power Supply 120VAC 50/60Hz, 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 4.6A (120VAC 50/60Hz), 2.4A (220-240VAC 50/60Hz)

Paper flange (1), paper flange spacer (1), Ink cassette (1), paper strip bin(1), AC power code (220-240V),
CD-ROM (1) ,Quick setup guide (1), cable ties (2), securing band, screws, washer (1)

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