Tokina AT-X PRO 11-16mm F2,8 DX V IF για Nikon( 4961607696842)


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Follow Focus Gear 
This lens has a manual focusing ring with an interlocking follow focus gear to allow the to be used in a cinema follow focus system. This lens is for shooting video with DSLR (VDSLR) cameras. 
To use follow focus, the manual focus ring is placed in the MF position before shooting. 
When photographing normally (taking photos), auto-focus can be used. 

Razor sharp images are achieved through the inclusion of a new aspherical lens and super-low dispersion glass. 
A PM-O aspherical lens element is placed in the front group. This element working in combination with the glass-molded aspherical lens placed in the rear group corrects or various aberrations while ideally correcting distortions as well. 
The further correction of chromatic aberrations is achieved through the use of two more elements of SD (Super-Low Dispersion) glass " FK03" which is innitely close to orite glass. 

Superb operation in a compact body 
AF-MF switching is accomplished by simply sliding the focusing ring forward and back on the lens barrel. 
The feel when manually focusing has moderate sense of torque in the focus ring, enabling precise focusing. 
Realization of an F2.8 large diameter zoom as well as a minimum shooting distance of 0.3m. 
It is eective in taking photographs utilizing perspective changes. The lter size is 77mm, and C-PL lters can also be used. 


Optical structure elements / groups: 13-11 
Angle of view: 104゜~ 82゜ 
Minimum focus distance (m): 0.3 
Maximum macro magnication: 1 : 11.6 
Minimum aperture: 22 
Number of aperture diaphragms: 9 
Filter size (mm): 77 
Overall length (mm) 
Maximum diameter (mm): 84.0 
Weight (g): 550 
Lens hood: BH-77B

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