Nanguang Led Light Pad LuxPad 22


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Nanguang Led Light Pad LuxPad 22 for DSLR cameras

This camera light is formed by 112LED 5600K /3200K high-quality lamp beads of extra-large luminous chips, with higher brightness in same energy consumption. In addition, it adopts the latest LED driving technology, definitely not appear the corrugated, stroboscopic and other negative phenomena when shooting. Moreover it effectively improve the conversion efficiency, adopts the encoder digital dimming mode, thus the camera light can be dimmed accurately and reliable, and will not lead to undesirable effects such as light shaking after long-time use, adopts LED digital display screen that allow you to view the current operating state, besides, the camera light is equipped with such as power test and to adjust the brightness. 

Note: LED lines at the perimeter of the LED panel only. 


Light Source: 112 LED bulbs 

Voltage: DC 7.2V - 8.4V 

Color Temperature: 5600K /3200K 

Brightness adjustment: Knob stepless dimmer 

Power: 30.2W 

Item net weight: 300g 

Lumen: 736LM 

Size: 175*120*32 

Average Service Life: 50000H 

Compatible with five different kinds of battery (Not Included) 

Panasonic D series (D08S、D16S、D28S、D54S) 

Sony FM series (FM50、FM55H、FM500H、QM71D、QM91D) 

F series (F550、F570、F770、F960、F970 ) 

FH series (FH50、FH60、FH70、FH90、FH100 ) 

and AA battery 

Compatibility With: 

Almost all the SLR cameras camcorders, like Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus Samsung Panasonic JVC and so on. 

Except Sony& Minolta (It needs hot shoe adapter to use the LED light) 

Package Included: (Does not include battery) 

1 x LED Light Pad 

1 x Metal LED lamp bracket 

1 x User Manual


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