iFootage Mini Crane M1 - Γερανός Λήψης


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  • MiniCrane M1“Giraffe” is made for Photography Hobbyists and Professionals. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to install, large working radius after unfolding, fast adjustment, multiple functions.
  • Maximum Radius 120 cm
  • Length extended: 200 cm | tilt: 210 cm
  • Colour Black
  • High-quality, black-anodized finish increases durability and ensures a long lifetime
  • Perfect corrosion protection through the use of stainless steel SUS screws
  • Scope of delivery: Main Section, Rear Section, Section Joint, Counter Weight Clamp, Clamp Lever, Hand Grip, Hook, Hex Keys, Bag and 3/8“ Adapter


Width 1800 mm
Weight 1520 g

Overview of functions

  • Max. load: 5 kg
  • Material: Carbon
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