ZigView S2



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 Zigview recently launched its Digital Viewfinder S2 which when removed can be used as remotely placed monitor. Specifically designed for surveillance photography the S2 offers true to life pictures with its interval timing, remote triggering and motion sensing features. A 2.5” TFT display can be rotated to any angle for convenience.


Video output enables you to connect monitor or video recorder.
Screen can be removed from the body and can be kept at a distance of 30m without compromising with the picture quality.
Compatible with wide angles or extreme telephoto lens, the Zigview S2 detects the motion and activates the shutter. Furthermore, it allows motion detection interval to be adjusted.
Interval timer allows you to activate the shutter up to 999days.

Motion Sensing and interval facility is just a push away. In addition, the Zigview S2 assures compatibility with almost all cameras including Canon, Sony/Minolta, Nikon, Pentax DSLR cameras, camera with 3 or 10 pins and with infra red connections. Addition of a rechargeable battery adds to the versatility.




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