Interfit Matinee LED 320(INT357)



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The Interfit Matinee LED 320 Panel Light is a lightweight, controllable dual LED fill light designed for use with both DSLR and video. The integrated dimmer allows you to take total control of the output based on the ambient lighting conditions while the colour temperature control allows you to adjust the output from 3200k tungsten to 5600k daylight as required. The unit fits directly onto any camera with a standard hotshoe and the ball and socket head allows you to position the light as required. An optional articulated arm gives you even more flexibility in the positioning of the panel. The Interfit Matinee LED 320 Panel Light is powered by the included mains Power Pack and an optional Battery Pack is available for use on location and includes a transparent diffuser for a softer light. 

No. of Heads 1
Power Source AC Power Pack (included) Optional Battery Pack
Connectivity Hotshoe Mount
Included Accessories LED Panel, Light Stand Adapter, Multi-Voltage mains Power pack, Diffuser Panel
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