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Keep it on your Camera

THE pod is a very simple, high quality, flexible bean bag with a built in 1/4" universal mounting bolt. THE pod will act like a tripod when set down or a stabilizer when braced against any handy surface.


DSLR's, Medium Formats & Video Cameras

THE BLACK pod is the largest size we make and is ideal for serious pro grade camera equipment. Capable of supporting an enormous amount of weight (100kg) yet still light enough to go virtually anyware. THE BLACK pod features our built in universal 1/4" mounting screw located at the centre. Also included are 4 Velcro position pads, for use with THE cube. Also comes with two straps to hold the camera or lens in position. Also can be strapped down onto a suitable surface or rig. Set up easily on any handy surface like benches, cars, rocks, ground, etc.

THE BLACK pod features a tripod mount in the centre with 4 Velcro areas and 2 adjustable/clickable straps designed for professional photography equipment including camcorders and telephoto lenses.



  • 7,6cm / 3in thick
  • 19cm / 7,5in wide



  • 1200g / 2,65lbs
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