Interfit Lighting EZ - FLO 2 Head Kit INT151



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 Interfit Lighting EZ - FLO 2 Head KitEz - Flo lighting kitThe Ez Flo lighting kit is the ideal solution for portable lighting, for use in the home to create the perfect home studio for photographing friends and family. In addition to family photos it can be used to showcase your marketing skills for on-line selling of small and medium sized products. Advance photographers, may be asked to photograph the company executives without a full sized studio to hand, Interfit has made this easy for you, showing you how to do this on the Educational DVD. The Ez flo is the answer, with its energy efficient Fluorescent lamps which are near daylight balanced, will enable you to create some great images. It is eazy to assemble in three eazy steps, 1. Push up the Softbox. 2. Attach the Lamps 3. Place the heads on the light stands and you are ready to take pictures. Simply set your camera to Daylight White Balance, ISO 400 or above and your ready to go. Still not sure then watch the Educational DVD, and we will show how to get great shots.Kit Contents
  • 2 x EZ-Flo heads with Ez-flo soft boxes
  • 8 x 28 watt daylite balanced coolite lamps
  • 2 x four way adaptors
  • cables
  • Lighting DVD
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