METZ 58 AF-2 digital / Pentax



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58 AF-2 digital

Available in 5 versions: Canon, Nikon, Olympus-Panasonic, Pentax, Sony
All camera-specific TTL-modes, Remote-TTL (Master & Slave), Auto, Manual, Servo, Strobe, HSS
Guide No. 58 with ISO 100/21° (105mm), auto zoom 24-105 mm, integr. wide-angle-diffuser for 12mm,
tilt- and swivel reflector, illuminable Dot-Matrix-LC-display, secondary flash, USB-socket for software updates,
integr. reflector card, modelling light, metall foot with fast lock (not Sony), including bag


58 AF-2 digital / Pentax

for PENTX system cameras
P-TTL, Remote P-TTL (Master & Slave)

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