Interfit STR158 TITAN - PRO Transceiver



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All-in-one transmitter and remote shutter realise system.
Ideal for sport, wildlife and studio based photographers.

Welcome to the world of professional radio transceivers, a combined transceiver and receiver in one unit. The Titan Pro can trigger compatible cameras and keep the camera in a wake status, allowing the option for the camera to be placed in position before the event. With the availability of four channels, photographers can trigger four different cameras of flashguns up to a range of 100 meters (320 feet) from the main camera position.

Additional cabled are required to connect to compatible cameras to trigger the shutter of studio strobes. Additionally you can trigger flashguns attached to the in built hot shoe without an extra cable.


  • European 433MHz CE              USA 344MHz FCC
  • Sync speed up to 1/250*sec (Note these Units are not iTTL ore eTTL compatible)
  • Automatically switches to transmit or receive mode when attached to a camera or flash, and trigger flashed to simultaneously trigger cameras, flashes and studio strobes up to 100 meters.
  • 4-channel and fire "All" function with twin color LED configuration.
  • Compatible with Sekonic RT-32 flash meters.
  • Cables available separately for remote firing of cameras.
  • Runs on 2x AA batteries or a 5v DC Power port (optional).


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