Foton S955 KRYPTON Σύστημα Στήριξης ώμου



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S955 KRYPTON σύστημα στήριξης ώμου σχεδιασμένο για μια μεγάλη γκάμα βιντεοκαμερών και ψηφιακών DSLR μηχανών.




Foton stabilization systems have been acclaimed for theirs practicality and high quality by many customers in the country and abroad. Our supports provide comfort and stabilization - especially during long lasting work with DSLR camera or camcorder - and eliminate wrist and hand fatigue.
The supports are light to carry and easily stored in the supplied bags.

S955 KRYPTON is equipped with:
- an automatic metal quick release plate,
- headball, which moves in a vertical and horizontal position,
- shoulder grip fully adjustable to the operator's arm,
- regulated support with adjustable length.



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