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i SYNC 4 Wireless and Optical receiver

The I Sync 4 has 4 independent radio channels for use where multiple photographers may be using wireless triggers such as at a wedding etc. Now you can set the channel and still keep on shooting without interference from other photographers.

A major benefit of the receivers is the ability to switch between optical triggering or wireless triggering.

  • Optical triggering is similar to your in built sync cell on your studio flash heads and can allow a greater distance to be used when using Infrared triggers such as the Interfit INT411 or receiving white light from a second head. Ideal for extending the range where the flash may not be received by your in built sync cells.


  • Wireless triggering when used with the radio trigger on your camera allows out of sight flash triggering or around walls and most obstacles up to a maximum distance of 30 mtrs (100 feet).

Each receiver has a built in light stand tread on the bottom to allow your speedlite to be stand mounted. In addition a PC sync cable and socket is included along with a mono jack converter to fit both large and small jack sync sockets for connecting to studio lighting. Runs on long life lithium batteries (included).

C 4 Wireless and Optical Trigger kit
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