Interfit Folded Softbox 40cmx40cm(16''x16'') With Bracket kit(INT334)



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The STROBIES folding softbox is ideal for mobile photographers wanting a quick and portable solution to studio lighting on the move. Simplyfit your flashgun into the provided shoe with the head inserted inside the softbox to provide a softer quality of light. Ideal for wedding and event or outdoor photographers. Each Kit is supplied with a ball bracket to allow the softbox to be tilted in multiple directions, and a handy all in one kit bag for simple storage of the kit. Fits directly on to a standard light stand such as a COR750 or COR751 or can be used with the new Strobies Boom Arm INT333 for over head lighting and combined with a reflector to create beautiful quality portraits.

Please note some flashguns such as large headed units like the Vivitar 285 do not fit inside the opening and should not be used, here we recommend using a Flex Mount and the Strobies Softbox (STR104 ) as an alternative.

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