Table Top Mini Studio LED Kit (INTERFIT 399)


Σε Απόθεμα


  • 1 - Aluminum Table Frame
  • 1 - Polycarbonate Sweep
  • 1 - Flexible Arm
  • 1 - 200 LED Panel
  • 1 - Power Adapter

The Table Top Mini Studio LED Kit is an ideal accessory for small product photography. The foldable, lightweight frame supports atranslucent, flexible polycarbonate sweep that ensures a seamless background in your photos. You can even prop it up and illuminate it from below or behind. The included 200 LED panel is fully dimmable, and attaches to a flexible arm to provide even illuminationin the field.

Color Temperature


Variable Power


Operating Voltage

100-240VAC Power Pack

Watt Usage


Cable Length

4m (13’)


24 each0 x 34cm (9.5 x 16 x 13.5")

Collapsed Size

40 x 34cm (16 x 13.5")

Kit Weight

2.1kg (4.8lb)

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